Purple Sandpiper
scientific name: 
Calidris maritima

Combination of :
* yellow ring with a black three alpha-code (on left tarsus)
* 1 c-ring (on right tibia). 

note 1 : right tarsus : metal ring ; left tarsus : yellow coded ring with three black letters ; right tibia : marker colour ring, could be orange or dark pink.

note 2 : used codes consist of three letters, ten different letters used.

note 3 : birds were ringed either on their breeding grounds in Kilpisjärvi in Finnish Lapland (dark pink marker ring) or on migration stop-over/wintering site in Jurmo Bird Observatory in the archipelago in south-western Finland (orange marker ring).

note 4 : location of the ringing sites on a map :

note 5 : between 2011 and 2014, 200 individuals were ringed.

note 6 :

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colour-ring type: 
Legrings : combination of one coded and uncoded rings.
countries where ringed: