Mediterranean Gull
scientific name: 
Ichthyaetus melanocephalus
EURING code: 

Red ring with a white  4 alpha-numeric code :

starting letter H / number/number/number

starting letter H / letter/letter/number

starting letter H / number/letter/number


note 1 : this project is running in Hungary since 1994, with some 500 rings in the period 1994-96 coded H101-H999.

note 2 : used letters are HU.., HY.., HA.., HL.., HF.., HT..  from 2004 onwards.

note 3 : during 2001 three breeding places remain in the Czech Republic : 7 pairs at Nove Mlyny, 4 pairs at the Karvina fishponds and 3 pairs at Chomoutov.

note 4 : during 2002 following codes have been used : K00-K99, 0K0-9K9, 00K-99K, L00-L99, 0L0-9L9.

note 5 : during the following years these codes could be used: 00L-99L, V00-V99, 0V0-9V9, 00V-99V, X00-X99, 0X0-9X9, 00X-99X and Y001-Y100 for Serbia-Montenegro.

note 6 : some extra details on the red rings. H454-H470 : Serbia-Montenegro by Josef Gergely ; HA00-HA99 ringed from 1998 onwards ; 00A-99A from 1998 onwards with 81A-00A in the Czech Republic by Josef Chytil ; EOO-E99 from 1999 onwards : 0E0-9E9 from 1998 onwards with 3E1-5E0 in the Slovak Republic by Jan Svetlik and 7E1-9E0 in the Czech Republic by Josef Chytil ; 00E-9EE from 2001 onwards with 01E-50E in the Czech Republic by Josef Chytil ; K00-K99, 0K0-9K9, 00K-99K, L00-L99, 0L0-9L9 from 2002 onwards.

note 7 : latest used or will be used : HN (letter; number), HR (letter; number), HE (00-99), HT (00-99), HJ (00-99), HK (00-99), HR (00-99), HK (letter; number), HP (letter; number), HJ (letter; number).

note 8 : used codes are Hnln, where n=number and l=letter.

email sighting submit: 
email sighting submit (2): 
snailmail sighting submit: 
Karcza Zsolt, Hungarian Bird Ringing Center, Költo 21, 1121 Budapest, Hungary.
colour-ring type: 
Legring : one, coded.
colour-ring colour: 
Red [R]
colour-ring code: 
Four alpha-numeric code (4 letters/numbers).
countries where ringed: 
First letter/number: