Little Egret
scientific name: 
Egretta garzetta
EURING code: 

Combination of :
* a two alpha-numeric code ring on each leg (vertically engraved, same code on both tibia).
* a metal ring.

note 1 : used colour white (W) with a black. Colour of the rings is the same on both legs.

note 2 : these codes have been used between 2002 and 2016 on a total of 165 birds.

note 3 : used codes are : letters A, B,C, E, H, J or K, followed by a  number or letter. From 2019 the letters L, N, P and R will be used.

note 4 :

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colour-ring type: 
Legrings : combination of coded.
colour-ring colour: 
White [W]
colour-ring code: 
Two alpha-numeric code (2 letters/numbers).
countries where ringed: 
The Netherlands.