Eurasian Oystercatcher
scientific name: 
Haematopus ostralegus
EURING code: 

White ring with a three alpha-numeric code : 1 letter and 2 numbers (on left leg).

note 1 : a project in Aberdeen on roof nesting birds, over 300 birds were ringed.

note 2 : even incomplete sightings are useful.

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snailmail sighting submit: 
Alistair Duncan, 12 Cairncry Avenue, Aberdeen, AB16 5DS, UK.
colour-ring type: 
Legring : one, coded.
colour-ring colour: 
White [W]
colour-ring code: 
Three alpha-numeric code (3 letters/numbers).
countries where ringed: 
United Kingdom.
Left tarsus lower: 
1 c-ring : N-B-G-L-O-P-R-W-Y