Greylag Goose
scientific name: 
Anser anser
EURING code: 

Green neckband with white code (letter X and 2 letters or 2 numbers).
note 1 : used codes in 2000 and 2001 (Damme, B) : X01-X99.
note 2 : used codes in 2003 (Zevenkerke, B): XAA and XAB, both with legring in the same colour and code.
note 3 : used codes  in 2004 (Zeebrugge, B): XAC, XAE, XAH, XAN, XAR, XAS, XAT, XAU) ; all have green legring with same color and code. 
note 4 : used code in 2005 (Oostende, B) : XAX.
note 5 : used codes in 2006 (Damme, B) : XBA, XBB and XBC.
note 6 : used code in 2007 (Oostende, B ) : XAZ (neckband and legring : the same colour and code ). This bird is probably of Scandinavian origin.

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Eckhart Kuijken en Christine Verscheure, Lindeveld 4, B-8730 Beernem, Belgium.
colour-ring type: 
colour-ring colour (of the c-ring): 
Dark Green [G]
colour-ring code (of the c-ring): 
Three alpha-numeric code (3 letters/numbers).
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