European colour-ring Birding

The new website ( is in progress due to a lot of hard work. This work will take some considerable time.
A recent step is to link all waders-projects direct to teh IWSG-website.

For the time being two websites with the data of colour-ringed birds are available. The old website ( with its thousands of projects will be step-by-step transferred to the new site and therefor by time will disappear. My excuses for this inconvenience. The old website with >1000 cr-projects will step-by-step be integrated into this website. This means that for the time being information on cr-projects is available on two websites. Do not forget to check

My excuses for this inconvenience.

European colour-ring Birding is a platform between the field-observer and the project-leader. Therefore it can not provide any details or life-list of your sighting. To get this information, you have to go through this website, find the project-leader and contact her/him. 

This website was created (September 1995) and maintained min. twice monthly by volunteer Dirk Raes [ cr-birding ADD ], totally for free and during his free time.
You can contact him in English, Dutch, French and German, but as said : NO life-list can be provided.

European colour-ring Birding is sponsored by AVES, EURING and SOVON.


Dear field observer,  

When you see a colour-ringed bird, feel free to use this website and trace your sighting.

* First, you need to know which bird species it is.

* Second, birds can be ringed with a neckring, one or more coded legring(s), a combination of colour-rings, a wingtag or a nose-sadle. We call this the colour-ring type. 

* Third, you need the colour of the colour-ring and the code.

* All official ringed birds have also a metal ring. Sometimes this ring is used into the combination; therefore also note the position of this metal ring.

* Finally, once you note all these information correct, you can contact the project leader through this website. The projectleader will answer normally quick, sometimes it takes time. Be patient. A life-list of your sighting is worth waiting.